Beth Eden Baptist Church
11121 S. Loomis
Chicago, Illinois 60643
(773) 233-6953
Rev. Dr. Craig M. Jenkins, Pastor

  The Sisterhood
                                                               Gailmarie Ward, President

Our purpose is to connect the women of Beth Eden Baptist Church locally and the Body of Christ universally for the purpose of growing in Christlikeness.  Our purpose is to learn what is means to take on the character of Christ, as well as putting that knowledge into practice by always seeking to show ourselves and our behavior in a most favorable Christian light.  Our goals are to love one another, to address the needs of women from a Biblical perspective, to face difficult and realistic issues experienced by today's women and contributing to the work of the church as we:

Pray corporately
Benefit from one another's insights into Scripture
Acquire a habit of reading the Bible on a regular basis
Practice loving our neighbors
Communicate effectively
Solve problems together
Experience the pleasure of helping another Sister grow in Christ

    Some of the major activities for the Sisterhood include:
Women's Day
Spiritual Bible Banquet
Pre-Thanksgiving Prayer Breakfast
College Scholarships
Graduation Recognition  
Enchanted Closet

The Sisterhood Executive Team meets every 2nd Saturday of the month @ 10:00A.M.

The Sisterhood Executive Advisory Committee, Gailmarie Wooten-Ward, Pres.

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