Beth Eden Baptist Church

Dr. Craig M. Jenkins, Pastor

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8am & 11am-Sunday Morning Service

9:30 | Sunday School

          All Men's Class Available

11121 S. Loomis St. Chicago, IL. 60643

Phone  773-233-6953.

Key Dates


2020 Key Dates



January 19 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)

January 19-Consecration Service during 11am Worship Service – One Service

January 20-Martin Luther King Service @ 10 am
January 26-Quarterly Church Meeting after 11 am Worship Service



February 16 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
February 16 – Wooten Choral Ensemble Founders Day Concert @ 5pm
February 26 – Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service @ 12 Noon
February 26 – Ash Wednesday Worship Service @ 7:30 pm



March 4-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
March 8-Daylight Savings (Sunday – 2am)
March 15 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
March 11-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
March 18-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
March 25-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
March 29-Youth Sunday-One Worship Service @11am


April 1-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
April 5-Palm Sunday – Worship Services @ 8 am & 11 am
April 4-Youth Panel Discussion 4:00pm-8:00pm
April 5-Flower Cheer Ministry Annual Spring Tea @ 1:30pm
April 6-8-Youth Revival @ 6:00pm
April 8-Ommatadium/Lent Worship Service@12 Noon
April 8-16 – Passover
April 9-Maudy Thursday – Worship Service @ 7:30 pm
April 10–Good Friday Worship Services @ 12 Noon – until 3:00 pm
April 11-Matrons-Masquerade Fund Raiser – 2pm-6pm
April 12-Easter Worship Services @ 8am & 11am
April 19 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
April 25–Brotherhood Spring Clean-Up @ 8am

April 26-Quarterly Church Meeting



May 3-Pastor’s 34th Anniversary – One Worship Service @ 11am
May 10-Mother’s Day
May 11–Seniors on the Go – Recognition Day Worship Service @ 11am
May 16-Brotherhood’s Pancake Breakfast 7:00am-12 Noon
May 17 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
May 17-Health League Ministry 80th Anniversary Worship Service @ 3pm
May 25-Memorial Day-Church Office is Closed
May 31-Pentecost
May 31-Youth Sunday-One Worship Service @11am



June 7-Church’s 129th Church Anniversary-One Worship Service @ 11am
June 13-Matron’s Annual Flea Market 8am to 5pm
June 14-International Children’s Day
June 20-Health League Fair – 9am to 1pm
June 21 – Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
June 21-Father’s Day – Flower Cheer Father’s Day Dinner – 9am-3pm
June 28-Women’s Day-One Worship Service @ 11am
June 29-July 3 Vacation Bible School @ 6pm



July 3-Church Office Closed (Observance of July 4th)
July 18-Clothes FunDrive Kick-Off - 10am-1pm
July 19–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
July 19-Wooten Choral Ensemble 71st Anniversary Concert @ 5pm
July 26-Quarterly Church Meeting after 11 am Worship Service



Entire Month-Church Facility Closed to General Activities
August 15-Neighborhood Fest/Picnic (Site & Time-TBD)
August 16–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
August 16-Open Air Service-One Service @ 11am (Site–TBD)
August 30-Youth Sunday-One Worship Service @11am


September 7-Labor Day-Church Office Closed
September 12-Sisterhood’s Spiritual Bible Banquet @ 10am
September 13-Homecoming-One Worship Service @ 11am
September 13-Combined Choirs Worship in Song Concert @ 3pm
September 20–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
September 20-Ushers’ 97th Anniversary Annual Sermon @ 3pm
September 26-Clothes FunDrive-Final Collection Day - 8am-12Noon



October 11-Missionary Circle Annual Service-4pm to 6pm
October 18–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
October 18-Quarterly Church Meeting
October 25-Men’s Day – One Worship Service @ 11am
October 31-Halloween-Youth Ministry Fun Fest-6pm to 8:30pm



November 1-Daylight Savings (Sunday 2am)
November 9-13-Annual Fall Revival @ 7:30pm each night
November 15–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
November 21-Sisterhood’s Pre-Thanksgiving Prayer Brunch @ 11am
November 26-Community Thanksgiving Worship Service (Site & Time-TBD)
November 29-Youth Sunday-One Worship Service @11am



December 7-Annual Christmas Gala-12 Noon (Site to be Determined)
December 13-Annual Ministry Business Meeting after 11am Worship Service
December 20–Unity Sunday (Every 3rd Sunday)
December 20-One Worship Service @ 11am (Installation of Officers & Scholarships)
December 25-(Wednesday) Christmas-Community Service (Site & Time TBD)
December 27-One Worship Service @ 11am
December 31-(Thursday) New Year’s Eve Praise & Worship Service @ 9:30pm

 All Services, Events, Dates, and Times are Subject to Change and Final Confirmation.