Beth Eden Baptist Church

Dr. Craig M. Jenkins, Pastor


Pastor's Letter.....

"30 + Years...To God Be the Glory!"

November 4, 2018

Dear Saints of God,

God bless each of you today in the precious name of Jesus.  We have made it to the month of November, another first Sunday, with the joy of sharing in Holy Communion once again.  Certainly, it is a time of thanksgiving.  I praise God for the spiritually filled observance of Men’s Day.  Rev. Dr. John E. Jackson gave a powerful message, reminding us that “God is Able!”  We had a joyous time in the name of the Lord.  Congratulations again to the honorees of the month: the Male Chorus, Mr. Elliott Jones, and Sister Donna Reed.

Church family, beginning tomorrow, our Annual Fall Revival begins!  There is no doubt in my mind that we need revival.  Christians need refreshment, encouragement, and added strength for the spiritual journey.  A revival provides this for the believer.  We have a group of dynamic ministers who will grace the pulpit this week.  And on Friday, the youth of the church will minister in their unique way, in giving praise to God.

I am concerned about your spiritual health; to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might!  For some, it may be a sacrifice to come out, but I believe that it is worth the effort of hearing a word from heaven to give you strength for your Christian walk.

Most, if not all of you, have received my letter requesting financial support for the revival.  I thank you in advance for your giving to the church to offset the revival expenses.

Finally, Tuesday is very important.  It is voting day for the mid-term elections.  You are aware of what is happening in our city, counties, state, and country.  We benefit from the sacrifices our elders, our fore parents made to help us survive in this country.  We are not there yet, but the voting process is still the way to make a difference in our society.


I Love You, I Really, Really Do!                                            

​Pastor Jenkins