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September 10, 2020


Dear Church Family,

I begin this letter by saying to you “Happy Homecoming Day!”  The celebration is unique this year because this observance is not taking place in the physical location of 11121 S. Loomis. Yet, the meaning of homecoming can be commemorated right in your home.

In taking inventory of the blessings of God, it is good to know that we have a home to go to, but most importantly have a home in our heart!  One songwriter penned, “Down through the years, God’s been good to me.  Down through the years, God’s been good to me.  Down through the years, God’s been good to me.  God’s been good, really been good to me! 

It is my prayer that all of you are maintaining the health and safety guidelines in fighting the coronavirus.  My brothers and sisters do not get lazy or relax during this pandemic.  Recent news reports reveal that the virus is still spreading.  The numbers of those who contracted this virus, and who have died is high.  Please be wise and safe.  Use common sense!

Across the Chicagoland area, school has begun.  Many classes are being taught through technology instead of in-person, or in the classroom.  I ask that you pray for the teachers, students, and administrators as they adjust to this method of educating our children.

In an effort to keep you informed as a church, the following platforms are used to connect with you; Facebook, www.bethedenbaptistchurch.org, YouTube, Zoom, surveys, telephone worship, emails, and letters.  With that in mind, think about ways in which you can assist us in enhancing our ministries, and let me know.  For example, there are some with social media skills that can be shared in our ministry.  Use your gifts for the glory of God!

As I mentioned in my letter last week, I ask that you become sensitive to those who may not have access to the Internet, or computers, etc.  Let us be willing to share our knowledge to others in helping to close the digital divide in our communities and church.  Some homes are challenged because they may not have access to the new technologies.  If you have recommendations on how this can be done, please contact me.

Thank you for remembering the importance of supporting our ministry with your tithes and offerings.  Through your giving we meet our obligations.  Thank you for your gifts.  Please continue to honor God with your giving by stopping by the church, through your banking institution, through GIVELIFY or ZELLE.  I thank God that you are honoring God through your giving.  I praise God for the work of the trustees, who are making sure that we meet all of our commitments.

Sunday September 13th is Homecoming Sunday.  Lord willing, the message that I will preach on Sunday is “Welcome Home.”  Do not forget Sunday’s worship beginning at 9:00 A.M.  The phone number is 1-712-775-7035 (code) 709315#.  It is important to know where the MUTE button is on your phone, and to use it during the worship.  Let us do our best to block out all outside noises as we worship together.  Let us demonstrate common courtesy, so we can enjoy worship. Again, please let us make the effort of silencing or muting our phone during worship.  Share this information to those who join us on the telephone for worship. Let us give our best, as we honor God in worship.  Let us continue our sensitivity to quality worship.

Church family let us thank God for the life of Oziel Norris.  She lived to be 101 years old!  Her funeral will take place on Monday September 14th at the A. A. Raynor Funeral Home located at 318 E. 71st Street.  10 A.M. is the family hour, and the service begins at 11 A.M.

Let us pray for the family of Pamela Persons who died last week.  She was a member of our Usher Ministry. Her brother is David Persons, our Boy Scouts leader.  The service for Sister Persons will be held on Wednesday September 16th.  at A.R. Leak Funeral Home, located at 7838 Cottage Grove. The family hour is at 10 A.M., and the service begins at 11 A.M.

Please remember our sick and shut-in, hospitalized, and bereaved in our prayers.  Finally, we celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Lee and Ellen Cherry.   If you contact them any time soon, please share words of congratulations.  

I love each of you.  I am honored to serve as your Pastor!

Pastor Jenkins                                      


Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  1st Corinthians 2:9

Beth Eden Baptist Church