Dr. Craig M. Jenkins, Pastor

Beth Eden Baptist Church


Pastor's Letter.....

"30 + Years...To God Be the Glory!"

February 23, 2020

Dear Saints of God,

In the devotion from the “Secret Place,” the February 20th entry, I found the following to be quite powerful:  “Time is a gift from God.  While nobody knows how many years he or she will live, we all have 1140 minutes each day.  It is up to us how we use those precious moments.  Time passes quickly and can never be reclaimed.  That makes it a very valuable commodity.”   (by Carol Zook)

Oh how true those words are!  I look at my life, and I have found that there were many opportunities missed or wasted because I did not value time.  Do something useful with the time we have.  Love one another, care for one another, and even bless others!

God is praised for blessing us through the Founder’s Day concert, presented by the Wooten Choral Ensemble.  It was a powerful presentation through song.  To God be the glory, for blessing so many with the songs of faith, hope, and inspiration.

As this month concludes, again we thank God for the presentations by our African American History Team.  I thank God for the information that is being shared throughout this month; a great month in which we celebrate our truths, our legacy, our history.

Beginning on Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday, our Lenten Season preaching series begins; every Wednesday beginning promptly at 12 Noon—1 P.M.  I am asking that you will do your part by sharing with others about this special noonday experience.  I honestly believe that you will be blessed.  Then on Wednesday night, we will hold our Ash Wednesday worship service, which begins at 7:30 P.M.

We are embarking upon a very special, and most significant time of the year.  Our faith has its foundation in knowing the divine perfect will of God personally, as individuals in relationship with God.

I Love You, I Really, Really Do!
​Pastor Jenkins