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"30 + Years...To God Be the Glory!"

February 18, 2018

Dear Saints of God,

As I write this letter, my heart grieves over the tragedies regarding gun violence in our nation.  Just this past week in Chicago, one of Chicago’s finest, Commander Paul Bauer was allegedly killed by Shomari Legghetti, near the Thompson Center downtown.  Again, we find that the use of a gun is what brought forth death.  Then, in Parkland, Florida, we were made aware of the tragedy at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School..  The alleged gunman, 19 year old  Nikolas Cruz has been charged with the death of at least 17 counts of murder.  In this country alone for this year, there has been 8 school shootings which resulted in injury and/or death. It is a shame, and it hurts that in this country, we have gun control problems.

I believe that too many persons who can make effective gun laws, have their hands tied by the monies that only pad the wallets and purses, thereby in essence close their eyes to a system that needs to be changed in our country.  The responsibility to do something is within our reach.  In addition to prayer, we must petition our legislatures to stand up and do the right thing pertaining to gun control.  Heaven help us all!

In our immediate area of Chicago we must contact our congress representatives: District 1—Bobby Rush, District 2—Robin Kelly, and District 3 — Dan Lipinski.  Our state senators are Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.  One of the fastest ways to communicate with our representatives is by email. 

Changing the subject, today we celebrate with the Wooten Choral Ensemble, their Founder’s Day!  We thank God for the life and legacy of one Dr. Robert E. Wooten, Sr., for his obedience to God, and dedication to serve the Lord through sacred songs.  There were many lives touched by the genius of Dr. Wooten; not just because of music, but because of his genuine concern for others: in the school, church, and home.

Please joins us at 5:00 P.M. for this great time of celebrating the life of Dr. Wooten.  And then to think that Founder’s Day is celebrated, as we celebrate African-American History Month.  Praise the Lord!

Finally, let us keep in prayer all of our sick and shut-in.


I Love You!  I Really, Really do!

​Pastor Jenkins

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