Beth Eden Baptist Church

Sunday School


Perseverance in Prayer
 Luke 11:5-13

 Lesson 13 February 23, 2020

Being persistent in praying for something isn't done because we believe God will forget our request or we need to remind Him or that nagging Him with our request will irritate Him enough such that He will finally grant what we want just to get rid of our bothersome reminders.

Being persistent in praying for something specific is done for our benefit. Sometimes God desires for us to really want something such that it becomes a passionate desire. Then we can better appreciate His grace when our request is granted.

Most of us during our lifetime have needed a favor from someone so badly that we have almost begged for it.

When the person we are asking senses our humble manner and desperation, they are more apt to give serious consideration to our request as opposed to someone asking casually.

God wants us to love and worship Him with passion and purpose. Jesus said the greatest commandment is (Matthew 22:37 ESV):

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."

When we commune with God in prayer through Jesus Christ, we should not lose track of who He is and who we are. When we ask for something, it should be within the confines of His will.

In this regard, some of the passion we have for the Lord should shine through when we ask for something specific. In other words, our request should be persistent to the point of being passionate. If we give up on our request after only a few times, perhaps we did not really want it in the first place.


Based on First Baptist Church of Chattanooga, TN

Submitted by Donna Reed


Dr. Craig M. Jenkins, Pastor