Director of Christian Education

At Beth Eden, Christian Education is available through:


Sunday School---All Ages; Pre-school, Primary, Juniors, Teens, Young Adults,1 Co-Ed; 1 All Male & 1 All Female Adult Classes starting at 9:30am

The teachers meet weekly (Wednesday 10:30 am) to discuss the the lessons to be better equipped to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the students on Sunday mornings.

Bible Study---Wednesday 12 noon & 7:30pm taught by Pastor Jenkins

Daytime Bible Study 12Noon
beth eden daytime bible study

Nighttime Bible Study 7:30PM
beth eden nighttime bible study

Vacation Bible School---Every year, 4th week of June
There is Summer fun learning the Word of God for a week!
More information forthcoming...

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

Adult Sunday School on Zoom and in person.

All Men's Class Also Available in person.


Bible Study - 12:00PM & 7:30PM via Zoom

11121 S. Loomis St., Chicago, IL. 60643

Church Office: 773-233-6953