Beth Eden Health League

Debra Airhart, President

The health league ministry is an organization made up of volunteer members of the church, formed for the mutual aid and protection of the congregation.

Our Mission:  is to be a catalyst that will aid our brothers and sisters in having optimum health using a whole person perspectives.  We will address the mind, body, and spirit with God and his word as our foundation, and the integration of our spiritual gift as a service for Him.

Our Purpose:  The purpose of the health league ministry is to provide service and training related to areas of health by assisting the stricken and helpless rendering first aid, and providing general advice on problems of health.

Our Focus:  The focus of the health league ministry is on health promotion and maintenance that supports healing of the body, mind and spirit.  We have within the ministry health professionals from different fields and those who simply have a caring heart committed to the healing ministry of this church.  We are available to provide counseling, education and service for health related concerns.  The health ministry provides:

Health Counseling

Assessments of health problems

Blood pressure and glucose screening

Health promotion and education

Health resources and information to encourage healthy lifestyles

Membership:  The health league ministry is constantly seeking new members.  You need not be a health professional, just be willing to help and have a caring heart.  Even if you are part of another auxiliary, you are welcome.  The heart has no bounds.

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

Adult Sunday School on Zoom and in person.

All Men's Class Also Available in person.


Bible Study - 12:00PM & 7:30PM via Zoom

11121 S. Loomis St., Chicago, IL. 60643

Church Office: 773-233-6953