African American History Team's mission is to advance self knowledge of African American culture through the presentation of comprehensive historical material.  These presentations are a way of celebrating African American heritage and inspire us to connect with our ancestral selves.


Commissar Ministry provides a repast for the family of a parishioner who died.  Working in conjunction with the Deacon, they seek to ease some of the burden placed on a family that has experienced death.  President:  Sis. Gwen Traylor


Flower Cheer Ministryfurnishes fresh flowers to adorn the church's altar each Sunday.  The Flower Cheer Ministry believes that maintaining the altar is essential to the character of the church and must be given quality care so that it is presentable in the presence of God.  President:  Sis. Willie Height


Hostess Club Ministry was organized in 1954 under pastor ship of the late Rev. Richard C. Keller for the purpose of being the official hostess for church wide events and special functions.  To serve food at church activities upon request and when needed.  President:  


Industrious Aid Ministry's mission has been to work diligently to strengthen and build the church.  For the last 5 years, the Industrious Aid has worked to raise money to fund a method to bring caskets safely and more easily into the sanctuary.   President:Dr. Leslie Roundtree


R. C. Keller Pathfinders  President:  Sis. Joan Owens


Matrons Ministry  President:  Janell Taylor


Media Ministry  Livestream all services including funerals.   President:  Sis. Donna Reed


Mothers Board Ministry


Seniors On the Go Ministry's mission is to involve seniors in Christian fellowship, social affairs, lunches and senior issues of the neighborhood, city, state and federal.  President: Sis. Loretta Hall


Social Services Ministry provides assistance to the church members and others as needed.  The ministry includes providing information and services for, but not limited to:  Housing, Medical Services, Transportation and Personal assistance.  President: 


Strategic Planning Ministry's mission is to identify and recommend to the Pastor, Executive Board and Congregation, progressive and feasible new projects for investigation, planning and development.  The Ministry shall also explore recommendations made by the Pastor, Executive Board or Congregation regarding new projects and/or services relative to the Mission and Vision of Beth Eden Baptist Church.  The overriding purpose of the Ministry is to sustain the rich culture, heritage and services represented by the congregation and the community.  President: 


Sr. Usher's Ministry'smission is to promote one uniform system in the technique of Church ushering and to improve the quality of life by promoting a Christian approach to daily living.  To create better service in our church, broaden the field of our Christian, social, and moral activities and promote Christian fellowships.  President:  Sis. Jean Burns


Any questions, please call the church office 773-233-6953.

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

beth eden upcoming events

Adult Sunday School on Zoom and in person.

All Men's Class Also Available in person.


Bible Study - 12:00PM & 7:30PM via Zoom

11121 S. Loomis St., Chicago, IL. 60643

Church Office: 773-233-6953